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New Jersey Alimony Laws Overhauled

Family Law Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom | West New York

New Jersey Alimony Laws Overhauled

If you live in the West New York area and are in the process of getting divorced or are thinking about a divorce, it’s important that you understand current New Jersey alimony laws. Several changes were recently made, and many legal professionals are describing the alterations as “a complete overhaul.”

For a full explanation of the new alimony laws in New Jersey, make sure to have a conversation with an experienced family law attorney such as Jeffrey M. Bloom.

Some of the most significant changes to New Jersey alimony laws include the following:

  • Permanent alimony has been eliminated
  • At age 67, many will be relieved of their obligation to pay alimony
  • If the person required to pay alimony loses his or her job, he or she may be exempt from continuing alimony payments
  • Alimony cannot last more years than the length of the marriage (or civil union), if the marriage was less than 20 years

It’s important to note that “exceptional circumstances” can override the new alimony laws in New Jersey. Additionally, it’s important to remember that new laws do not apply to individuals whose divorce cases were finalized prior to the passing of these revised laws.

Mr. Bloom has more than 2 decades of experience handling divorce matters, and he can guide you through the complex changes to New Jersey’s alimony laws.

Please contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom today to schedule a consultation. Mr. Bloom serves clients in the West New York area.

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