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Overexertion Injuries are Growing for U.S. Workers

Overexertion Injuries are Growing for U.S. Workers | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Overexertion Injuries are Growing for U.S. Workers

If you were to guess, what would you say is the leading cause of workplace injuries? It’s not falls or machine operation errors. It’s actually overexertion.

According to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, overexertion is the top reason for injuries in the workplace. Overexertion causes back injuries in 60 percent of cases. This issue most definitely needs to be looked at more closely in the workplace, since employers are at a loss when it comes to prevention.

The Cost of Overexertion

Overexertion accounted for more than one-fourth of workers’ compensation costs in 1998. In that year, total costs for overexertion injuries were just under $10 billion. It also caused 28 percent of nonfatal workplace injuries.

Why Overexertion Happens

Overexertion occurs when a person uses too much effort while performing an action such as pulling, pushing, lifting, throwing or turning. An injury has a greater chance of occurring when the person has reached his or her physical capacity and muscles have been fatigued. Injuries most often occur in the back, but the shoulders and abdomen can be affected as well.

Overexertion is hard to prevent. Some people overdo it because they think they can carry more than their body can actually handle. In addition, each person has their own limitations when it comes to overexertion. It happens to some people more easily than others.

Overexertion injuries often occur during construction and maintenance tasks. Non-routine job duties also carry a high risk of overexertion.

Get Help for Your Workplace Injuries With New Jersey Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Overexertion can cause serious injuries. You may be stuck with costly medical bills and your ability to work may be limited. If you have been injured on the job, the Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Bloom can help you file a claim. Schedule a free workers’ compensation consultation today by calling (855) 208-3650.

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