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Paternity Testing Options in New Jersey

Paternity Testing Options in New Jersey | Jeffrey M. Bloom, West New York, NJ

Paternity Testing Options in New Jersey

If you are in the midst of resolving a child custody or child support case, there is a fair chance that the issue of paternity may be brought to the forefront. In such a dispute, a paternity test may be directed by the court in order to settle the matter.

Paternity Testing Options

There are a few different options when it comes to paternity testing and these options are normally dictated based on whether the child has already been born or not. In some cases, support and child custody may need to be decided prior to the birth of the child if the mother is pregnant during the divorce process. There are several different tests that may be used in this scenario.

First, CVS, also known as Chorionic Villus Sampling, involves inserting a small needle into the mother’s cervix. The goal is to extract tiny tissue pieces called chorionic villi. These tissue samples will provide the same makeup genetically that is found inside the fertilized egg.

Second, another test that may be used is called the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity or NIPP. This particular test analyzes the DNA of the baby by collecting blood from both the mother and potential father. Aside from being non-invasive, this test is often 99.9% accurate in its results.

DNA vs. Blood Tests

If the child has already been born, DNA or blood tests will likely be used to help determine paternity. In the case of blood tests, they are known to be only 80% effective in helping to exclude men as being the biological father. They are also not highly effective in confirming if a particular man is, in fact, the father.

As a result of these shortcomings, DNA testing is the preferred method for establishing paternity. With a 99.9% accuracy rate, courts have recognized genetic testing as the top method in settling paternity disputes.

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