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Before Your Divorce … 5 Things You Need To Do

Consider This Before Divorce Begins | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Yes, before you even think of getting a divorce, there are some specific steps you need to take. To make you feel good about the decision you are about to make, be certain that these things have been done:

1. Talk to a Counselor

Even if you feel like there is absolutely no hope for your marriage, seek out some counseling. It may, in fact, turn into “divorce counseling,” but in the end, if that’s how things end up, it will be worth it. Even if you are unable to get your spouse to attend with you, go anyway.

2. Do Not Move Out Of Your Home

The best long-term advice is to talk to an attorney before you leave your home. Of course, if your spouse is violent and you and your children’s safety are at risk, you have to leave. However, if this is not the case, leaving your home can cause issues, such as the fact that you may not be able to stay in the house until after you speak with an attorney, and then the process may take over a year, possibly until the court divides the property.
Bottom line, stay in your house unless there is a domestic violence issue and safety is an issue.

3. Talk To An Attorney Before You Do Anything

Get as much information as you can before you even bring up divorce to your spouse. You need to understand your options ahead of time, and even if you do not end up enlisting the help of an attorney, you need to educate yourself. Divorce laws can be very complex and actions you take in the very beginning of the process can affect the outcome of the divorce in the end. Find an attorney well versed in the intricacies of the law.

4. Safeguard Your Assets

Take possession of certain assets, especially the ones you want to use during the separation period and those which could be easily liquidated by your spouse.

Have your attorney help you file a Lis Pendens. This puts third parties on notice of your interest in the real estate that the Lis Pendens is docketed. It is a notice of pending litigation that may affect the property. This prevents sale of the property behind your back.

You would do well to have a competent attorney help you with this very specific procedure. You could also have your attorney file an injunction restraining your spouse from transferring or selling the property.

5. Knowledge Is Power

It becomes quite obvious, quite quickly, how important it is for you to do some homework before you even so much as mention divorce to your spouse. To many, this may seem contrived, but in the long run, you must protect yourself and prepare yourself. Divorce can, and many time does, bring out the worst in people.

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