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Proposing Child Custody Changes

Proposing Changes in New Jersey Child Custody Orders

Proposing Child Custody Changes

A child custody order details the legal guidelines for parents to follow in caring for their kids after divorce. Sometimes they are created by parents, other times they are developed by the court. The child custody arrangement defines legal and physical parenting responsibilities and of course the level of support one parent is to pay the other. Child custody orders are very firm in their structure and yet, over time, there are situations where the arrangements need to be modified. You should discuss how to propose changes with your child custody attorney. Think about what each of your children need in this stage of their lives. If your current arrangement does not meet their needs as well as it could, that’s when child custody changes may be a good fit for your family.

Here are a few guidelines you may want to follow to ensure a smooth change.

Always think of your child’s best interests.

Any change to an order will be considered if it is in the child’s best interest. Types of changes may include custody, who makes decisions on education and religion, parenting time, and other important matters such as living arrangements and health care.

Gather your proof.

You’ve done your research and now it’s time to document the request to alter the agreement. You’ll want to demonstrate specifically how the child will benefit, reasons for the change such as, after school activities or a change in work schedule, and prepare your assets to present to your co-parent or the court. Sometimes, it might be that a child wants to change which parent they live with primarily. Your proof may be by way of documentation, such as written messages from your co-parent or even a police report if an incident occurred. Testimony might also be shown as proof, like if your child is the one who really wants the change. Whatever your evidence is, bring it to the attention of your attorney so they can help you decide how best to present it to the court.

Talk to the co-parent.

Once you’ve thought about the changes you’d like made and detailed out the benefits to the child, talk to the co-parent and suggest a change in the agreement. If you and your co-parent are in agreement, it will likely be much simpler process to have this change implemented including having an attorney draft a proposal for both of you to sign and present to the court. If neither parent objects and the child benefits to the change, the order will likely be granted.

West New York Child Custody Attorney | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Making modifications to a child custody order is complex and requires the input of a child custody attorney. Your attorney will offer guidance, propose changes, and introduce new ideas that may make the situation better for the child. Jeffrey M. Bloom is a New Jersey Attorney with two offices in West New York. Contact Mr. Bloom today to schedule a consultation – (855) 208-3650.

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