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Record-Breaking Divorces

Record-Breaking Divorces | Bloom Law Office, West New York, NJ

Kim Kardashian was notoriously only married for 72 days, and Britney Spears made headlines when she quickly had her Las Vegas marriage to a childhood friend annulled. However, neither of them actually broke any records when it comes to divorce. At Bloom Law Office, we specialize in divorce cases and have seen a wide variety of claims, cases, and stories. Still, nothing compares to the Guinness Book of World Records when it comes to marriage-and ending it.

Shortest Marriages – Ending in Divorce

The shortest Hollywood marriage on record was actually between Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker. The two stars were married in 1919, but the ceremony had barely ended when Acker began to have second thoughts. She locked Valentino in their honeymoon suite where he knocked for 20 minutes before realizing she’d simply gone home. According to Acker in the divorce proceedings, the marriage was never consummated, which means it technically never took place.

Most Times Married and Then Divorced

On the other end of the spectrum is Linda Wolfe, who holds the record as the most married woman. She was married 23 times, starting when she was just 16. However, her last marriage was in 1996 and admittedly for publicity. That’s when she married the preacher Glynn Scotty Wolfe. He held the record as the most married man. Wolfe had also previously married a homeless man and a musician, with one marriage lasting just three days. One of her husbands she married three times, which may skew the numbers a bit.

Oldest Couple to Divorce

However, Wolfe didn’t go all the way to snag the title of the oldest couple to divorce. That goes to Bertie and Jessie Wood who were married for 36 years before they divorced at 98 years old. The couple never said what caused the divorce.

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