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Resolving Disputes over Your Child’s Preschool after a Divorce

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Resolving Disputes over Your Child’s Preschool after a Divorce

When a divorcing couple has young children, the topic of preschool is sure to arise. Most parents want their children to attend preschool prior to entering kindergarten. The decision on where to send the children, however, is not always as easy as you might initially believe.

Disputes often arise when children are enrolled in preschool prior to a divorce, and once the divorce becomes final, one parent states his or her wish to switch the children to a different school. This is acceptable as long as both parents agree. However, it is fairly common for this topic to cause disagreement between the two parents. In fact, these disagreements can often get so heated that the issue must be decided by a judge.

Resolving disputes regarding preschool after your divorce can be complicated, especially when you and your ex-spouse are in complete disagreement. If you are currently involved in a dispute related to where your children should attend preschool, Jeffrey M. Bloom can help. He’ll work with you to arrive at a solution in the most amicable way possible, and he will always keep the best interests of your children in mind.

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