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Common Restaurant Worker Injuries

Common Restaurant Worker Injuries | Bloom Law Office, New Jersey

Common Restaurant Worker Injuries

When you’re working with sizzling hot food, dangerous tools and appliances, and you’ve got stress piled higher than the orders on your tray, accidents can happen. Restaurant workers are some of the most at-risk employees, many of whom have minimal training before beginning their job. The office of Bloom Law specializes in workers’ compensation claims and wants you to know that you don’t have to use your insurance if you’re hurt on the job.

Common Restaurant Worker Injuries

Among the most common injuries are strains and sprains in the shoulder, neck, and back. It takes strength and creativity to find the postures that allow you to serve guests and clear tables at lightning speed. Lifting too many plates or losing your balance increases the risk of injury. Serving carts can be a great help, as can training on how to maintain a neutral posture—but that’s not a big priority for most restaurant managers.

Burns are a common occurrence, especially for kitchen staff. Knowing how to operate all equipment and regular re-trainings aren’t going to help restaurants avoid burns all the time. Unsurprisingly, slips, trips, and falls also regularly happen at restaurants. It’s also one of the most common job injuries in any industry, but the odds of falling increase when people are in a rush, and there’s a higher chance of liquids being spilled on the floor.

You’ll find cuts and lacerations happening regularly in restaurants, especially when staff (both kitchen workers and wait staff) are handling sharp knives and other cutting utensils. In the kitchen, risks of cuts can be minimized by keeping knives in sharp, good condition, but this can backfire when not everyone is notified that the knives have been recently sharpened.

Restaurant Worker Injuries – Talk With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Whether it’s reaching across tables, moving tables and chairs around, being regularly exposed to a noisy environment at the drive-thru, or an injury while delivering products, there are many chances for injuries to occur. Call Bloom Law Office at 855-208-3650 if you’re a restaurant worker injured on the job (no matter who is at fault), and get your workers’ compensation claim started.

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