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Starting Your Request For Child Support in New Jersey

How To Begin The Process of Getting Child Support | Jeffrey M. Bloom

The first step in getting support for your child is establishing an order. That is used to determine the amount of child support and to determine if health coverage is available.

How much support you receive is determined by the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines – set by the Supreme Court – and applied to all child support cases. Beyond how much you’ll receive, the Guidelines also consider in healthcare and health insurance issues via the availability of both parents’ resources.

Based on an income-share formula, the incomes of both parents are taken into consideration when determining child support. While the formula doesn’t consider your personal expenses, it will consider expenses related to child care, medical insurance, and any other factors deemed important in caring for the child. If both parents can agree on an amount for child support based on the guidelines, a Consent Support Agreement will be established, and no court appearance is necessary.

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Should neither parent agree on the amount of child support, or other outstanding issues must be settled, you will have to go to the Family Court at your county courthouse. The court will review the facts and issue an order. Contact Jeffrey M. Bloom today, and he can help sort out your child support issue so you can move onward in 2017.

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