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Strange But Successful Workers’ Compensation Claims

Strange But Successful Workers’ Compensation Claims | Bloom Law Office

Strange But Successful Workers’ Compensation Claims

When the rule of thumb is to always file a workers’ compensation claim, that leads to some strange claims and Bloom Law Office has seen a few. However, what’s even stranger is that some of these claims filed around the country have been paid out. If you’re questioning whether or not you should file, the answer is usually yes—and here’s proof why it can be worthwhile.

Strange But True Workers’ Comp Cases

Remember Circuit City? An employee once fractured his hip while he was trying to get a stuck bag of chips out of the company-provided vending machine. The chips weren’t even for him; they were for a female co-worker he was trying to impress. However, the claimant was 90 years old, and the risk of a hip fracture is pretty high at this age. Ultimately, the ruling was in his favor, which was good news considering the cost of a broken hip.

In a lesson to always file a claim if “on the job” doesn’t happen at a place of work, one former JC Penney employee tripped over her dog in her home garage. She broke her wrist in the process, but how does this qualify as an on the job injury? She was getting some fabric samples out of her garage, which instantly turned it into a “workspace.”

A former Arby’s employee was taking a break at work and reached for the wrong cup. Mistaking a cup of lye for her mid-shift beverage, she burned her esophagus. It’s unclear why there was a cup of lye sitting around that could be mistaken for a beverage, but she was awarded her claim for those third-degree burns.

Working at the wildlife destination Great Bear Adventures can definitely come with some inherent risks. One former bear feeder smoked marijuana before taking to his tasks, and it’s not very surprising that this led to a bear taking a bite out of his backside. Even though he was admittedly high on the job, calling it “mind-boggling stupid” in his written statement, he still got $65,000 to cover medical expenses.

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