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Injured At Work….Can I Sue My Employer?

Workers' Compensation Attorney in Hackensack | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Perhaps you have been injured in your job. Chances are you have been told that workers compensation insurance is the only compensation available to you. Generally speaking, this may be true, however there are many exceptions. There are situations which a lawsuit for damages can be explored.

  • Injury by a defective product. A liability action against the manufacturer of the product is a possibility.
  • Injury by a toxic substance may call for an action against the manufacturer of the substance.
  • If you were injured by your employer’s intentional or flagrant actions a personal injury lawsuit may be brought against him.
  • If your employer doesn’t carry worker’s compensation insurance you may be able to sue him in civil court.
  • If a 3rd party is responsible for your injury, a lawsuit may be able to be brought against that individual.


Punitive damages will never be a part of worker’s compensation. So, if you were in a workplace where there was substandard safety controls or dangerous working conditions, there would be likely be no punishment to the employer for these occurrences.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in West New York | Jeffrey M. Bloom

If you find yourself injured in your workplace and you have concerns and questions that need clarification, it is advised that you contact a workers’ compensation and injury attorney at once. Time can be crucial and they can help you navigate these critical waters.

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