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Annual Top 10 List of Bizarre Workers’ Comp Claims Features Some Doozies: Part 2

Bizarre Workers’ Comp Claims Part 2 | Bloom Law Office, West New York

Annual Top 10 List of Bizarre Workers’ Comp Claims Features Some Doozies: Part 2

Bizarre workers’ comp cases continued to abound in 2018, and Bloom Law Office has the details on the weird and strange. One ER paramedic in Virginia was denied his claim after he passed out while assisting a physician. The paramedic reported that he felt dizzy while assisting, and the faint led to a skull fracture. Emergency surgery was required, and it was determined that he was hurt while at work, but the injury wasn’t caused because of employment. That’s a gray area when it comes to workers’ comp, and one of many reasons you need a workers’ comp attorney.

In federal court, a British pilot for Etihad Airways filed a claim stemming from his flight from the UAE to Chicago. The pilot later attended a party where a fellow crew member drank a considerable amount. Many hours after the debauchery, the crew member arrived at the pilot’s hotel room and struck him over the head with a bronze statue while spewing anti-British diatribe. Even though there’s a Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in place, given the nature of the job-related attack, the matter was settled by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Meanwhile, in New York, an employee was attacked by a parking garage kiosk (yes, you read that correctly). She was scanning her parking pass at a kiosk when something went awry and caused a shoulder injury. However, things got sticky when it came to figuring out who exactly was in charge of the parking garage. Her employer offered the free parking, but a third party owned the garage itself. The garage was also open to the public, not just employees. This made for a problematic workers’ comp claim and is a reminder that when it comes to getting hurt at work, you deserve all the protection you can get—including from those dangerous kiosks.

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Parking lots seem to be treacherous territories. In the grand finale of 2018 bizarre workers’ comp cases, one claimant was intentionally hit by his co-worker’s husband’s car in a work parking lot. There was no nefarious affair happening, but rather some early morning road rage regarding parking spaces and stopped vehicles. Ultimately, there wasn’t enough connection between work and the injury to make a case. If you have a worker’s comp case brewing, contact Bloom Law Office for your free consultation.

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