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What to Do if You’re Asked to Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

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You are engaged to be married, planning the wedding of your dreams and your fiancée asks you, “Will you sign a prenuptial agreement?” While this question may catch you by surprise and may cause you stress, it is becoming more and more common for couples to enter into marriage with a prenuptial agreement to protect the property and assets which they possess when entering into the marriage.

Here are some helpful tips if your fiancée asks you to sign a prenuptial agreement:

  • If he does not have the prenuptial agreement already drafted, ask him where he is at in the process; has he already sought legal counsel?
  • Do not sign any legal documents right away.
  • Take the prenuptial agreement to your own attorney for review.
  • Confirm/finalize the prenuptial agreement early on in the wedding planning stage. Signing one that is hastily prepared right before the wedding typically results in a poorly crafted agreement.
  • If your fiancée has already drafted a prenuptial agreement, it is important to seek your own legal counsel prior to signing any legally binding contracts. Jeffrey M. Bloom can help you review the agreement to ensure your rights are adequately protected, and he’ll help you make any changes that are necessary.

Planning for your wedding should be spent enjoying the anticipation for your special day, not anxiously analyzing a prenuptial agreement. Let Mr. Bloom, a trusted advocate who knows your rights, help relieve those prenuptial agreement anxieties.

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