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How Soon Can Workers’ Compensation Be Filed?

How Soon To FIle A Workers' Comp Claim | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

It is to your advantage to file a claim for workers’ compensation as soon as the injury at your job occurs or an illness develops that is work related. Delaying filing for your workers’ compensation insurance can pose a big disadvantage to you and potentially allow an insurance carrier to deny benefits. If a significant amount of time has elapsed between the injury or the illness, and the claim being filed, it can raise some red flags for a carrier who then may think the claim illegitimate.

Should your illness or injury be something that develops over time, things can become much more complicated. The clock starts ticking toward the deadline to file from the first day you missed work due to the injury. This is due to fact that at that point you would have been aware that the injury or illness was work related.

Most states require filing a formal workers’ compensation claim and notifying your employee that you are doing so. Prompt notification of your employer along with pertinent details must be done. A list of witnesses is also a good idea in the case of a specific workplace accident.

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