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Workers’ Compensation Isn’t as Simple as Falling Off a Ladder

Workers' Comp Isn't as Simple as Falling Off a Ladder | Bloom Law Office

Workers’ Compensation Isn’t as Simple as Falling Off a Ladder

Worker’s compensation injuries may be traumatic, or they can happen over time. By definition, workers’ compensation is paid when a person is “injured at work,” but today’s virtual environment leads to a lot of gray areas. Bloom Law Office specializes in workers’ compensation claims and can help you navigate these murky areas. “At work” has changed definitions—it can include traveling for work, at the company picnic, or on your lunch break. Sometimes it even covers getting hurt while commuting.

What Injured At Work Means

Many employees doubt that they were injured “at work,” think their pre-existing condition makes them ineligible, or don’t realize an injury doesn’t have to be sudden and traumatic. Many employees telecommute or travel for work, which has shifted how distance plays a role in a workers’ compensation claim. When nobody telecommuted, it made a big difference in how far away a person was from their brick and mortar employer. Today, an employee might be on the other side of the world and qualify.

Still, there are some circumstances that are especially foggy. If an injury occurs during a lunch period, workers’ compensation usually doesn’t cover it. However, if the person was still emailing clients or otherwise undertaking work tasks, they may have a claim. On the other hand, injuries that happen on “short breaks” are generally compensated. This is because the duration was so short and the employer likely still had a lot of control over the employee during this timeframe. For instance, the employer could probably poke their head in the break room and ask the employee to complete a brief task even on their break.

Workers’ compensation claims can be confusing. It’s always in an employee’s best interest to file a claim as soon as they realize they may be injured. A workers’ compensation attorney can help with the claim filing as well as every other step of the way. The longer a person goes without filing a claim, the messier a workers’ compensation claim can become.

Bloom Law Office – Free Consultations for Workers’ Compensation Claims

With so many gray areas, you don’t want to risk any missteps. Work or company events, work conferences, or even getting hurt while you’re at fault may still be covered under a workers’ compensation claim. Mental conditions might also be covered if they were caused by work conditions. Bloom Law Office offers free consultations for workers’ compensation claims and doesn’t get paid until you do. Call 855-208-3650 to schedule your free consult.

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