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Injured At Work… What Responsibility Belongs To My Employer?

Employer Responsibilities if Injured At Work | Jeffrey M. Bloom

Injured At Work… What Responsibility Belongs To My Employer?

If you have sustained an injury in the workplace, your employer may be responsible for helping you with your lost wages. Of course, he is required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance. It is this insurance that will pay a portion of your regular wages while recovering from the work-related injury. Additionally, there are instances when employees may sue their employer in a court of law if the injuries they have sustained are a result of negligence or a willful violation of safety codes.

Make Sure Your Injury Is Work Related

Before filing a claim for worker’s compensation or start proceedings against your employer, make certain that the injury is truly job-related. Meaning, that the injury occurred while you were doing your work duties. When you are determining if in fact the injury is indeed work related, a few considerations should be made.

  • A pre-existing condition which is exacerbated on the job is usually considered work related.
  • If mental conditions are determined to be sustained as a result of your job, they are treated the same as physical conditions
  • An injury sustained during a lunch break is typically not considered work related unless it was onsite or involves your employer in some way.
  • If alcohol is involved in the injury it could still be considered work-related if it was at a work sponsored event.


A job-related injury or illness could take months, if not years to show symptoms, and many times it is not a slam dunk to prove the injury to be job-related. If you have what you feel is a job-related injury or illness, it is imperative to see a doctor immediately. Then, contact a very experienced attorney to sift through the facts and decide if in fact, you have a claim that is warranted.

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