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E-scooters Expected to Make Appearances in Workers’ Comp Claims

E-scooters & Workers’ Comp Claims | Bloom Law Office, West New York

If you live in a metro area, you’ve probably noticed an influx of e-scooters around town. Bloom Law Office has already seen some accidents caused by this eco-friendly commuting option, and it’s expected that the trend will soon make appearances in workers’ comp claims. After all, getting to and from work is part of being “on the job.”

E-Scooters and Workers’ Comp Claims

Colorado is taking preventative measures and warning employers about the dangers of e-scooters. According to the Denver Business Journal, Pinnacol Assurance hasn’t seen a workers’ comp claim related to an e-scooter yet, but these injuries might be on the horizon. Pinnacol, like many Denver employers, has a lot of workers commuting with e-scooters. However, unlike most other employers, Pinnacol is a state-chartered workers’ comp provider and keeps an eagle eye out for potential issues.

This mode of transportation is even being sponsored by some employers who are subsidizing the rental costs to encourage a lighter carbon footprint during commutes. According to Pinnacol’s director of safety services Jim McMillen, “As more riders zip around our city centers amid pedestrian and vehicle traffic, it’s important that employers evaluate the use of these scooters as part of their risk management plan and make clear the circumstances of their appropriate use.”

Pinnacol issued an official statement to employers in January 2019, but like most early warnings this one will likely get ignored. If an employee suffers a scooter-related injury while on work-related business, often including commuting, it might be part of a workers’ comp claim. Savvy employers will update policies quickly.

However, for the employees who might be injured on an e-scooter, it’s important to understand whether or not such an accident falls under workers’ comp coverage. Thanks to virtual work, telecommuting, and hot desking, more and more employees are able to work on the go. If they’re green-conscious, they’re also looking for opportunities to travel with a minimal impact on the environment.

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E-scooters have a lot of benefits, but they also come with risks. They’re still relatively new, and everyone is getting used to sharing streets and sidewalks with them. If you’ve been injured on an e-scooter while on a work task, contact Bloom Law Office for information on a workers’ comp claim.

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