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Top Reasons Child Custody is Revoked

Top Reasons Child Custody is Revoked | Bloom Law Office, New York

Top Reasons Child Custody is Revoked

A child custody agreement is fluid, designed to be impermanent. Bloom Law Office works with a number of parents to create, modify, and adjust these arrangements throughout the years. What’s best for the child may change based on a number of factors, most often changes to residencies and jobs. However, it is possible to lose custody of a child completely in some extreme circumstances. Gone are the days when the mother would always be granted custody, and today there are many situations where fathers receive sole custody.

Usually, couples who are getting divorced have joint custody (or the equivalent of this). This is often what’s considered the best interest of the children. However, in the case of child abuse, a parent can quickly lose any type of custody of their child. This can range from what’s considered extreme measures of “corporal punishment” to sex abuse. There is a lot of gray areas here, and situations such as spankings that might be considered “normal” to some families can be used as a basis for losing custody. False accusations can also sometimes worsen these custody battles.

Child Custody and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence that doesn’t directly involve the child can also lead to losing custody. Two adults in the home engaged in an abusive relationship mean an unhealthy environment for a child. Substance abuse is another major problem. In some situations, even cigarette smoking has been used to pursue a change in child custody agreements. Obvious problems, like DWIs, might be a sign that a child isn’t safe with a particular parent.

A surprisingly common cause of losing child custody is via child abduction. Taking a child without having the permission of the other parent is seen as abduction no matter the extenuating circumstances. Some parents don’t see it this way or think it’s worth the risk if they don’t believe their child is safe with the other parent but don’t trust the authorities to act quickly enough.

Neglect and Child Custody

Finally, neglect can lead to losing custody. If a parent isn’t as involved in the child’s life as is deemed healthy, that can be a problem in court. As you can see, many of these situations can be subjective. A child custody attorney is vital for any modifications or designs of an agreement. Contact Bloom Law Office today to ensure a fair and healthy outcome for your family.

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