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Top Reasons People Divorce Might Surprise You

Surprising Reasons People Divorce | Bloom Law Office, West New York

You may have heard that money is the main reason people divorce, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Bloom Law Office pored over a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information and INSIDER Data to figure out the top reasons married couples call it quits. The number one cause is simply lack of commitment. Marriage requires work.

Other Surprising Reasons Behind Why People Get Divorced

The second most popular cause is infidelity. Affairs were a “critical turning point in a deteriorating relationship” according to researchers. Many respondents called it the final straw. Third place goes to conflict and arguing, especially when conflicts weren’t calmly and fully resolved. This is tied to communication issues.

Nearly half of respondents said marrying too young played a role in their divorce. Even though the average marriage age has increased in recent years, those who were married on average at 23.3 years old were more likely to file for divorce. Financial issues don’t debut until number five with around 36 percent of couples citing this reason. However, it’s considered a major contributing cause, but not the primary reason for a divorce.

Sadly, substance abuse was cited nearly as often as financial problems. There was at least one person in nearly all couples surveyed who brought up substance abuse. Even more troubling is that domestic violence was included in nearly one-quarter of responses. This includes both physical and emotional abuse. It was also more commonly listed as a contributing factor.

Health issues make the list at number eight. Illnesses can kill marriages as they breed debt, loss of autonomy, and pain. It can be an excruciating condition for both partners. A lack of family support also makes the list. One cited study that spanned 26 years points out that, if the husband in a heterosexual marriage becomes close to his wife’s family, it decreases the odds of divorce by 20 percent. Strangely, it isn’t true in reverse. If a wife is close to her husband’s family, the chances of divorce increases.

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The last leading cause of divorce is minimal premarital counseling, tied with religious differences. If you’re considering divorce, it’s time to call Bloom Law Office and get a divorce attorney on your side.

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