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Workers’ Comp Claims Increase in Winter Months

Workers’ Comp Claims Increase in Winter Months | Bloom Law Office

Workers’ Comp Claims Increase in Winter Months

There are two seasons when workers’ compensation claims spike: winter and summer. At Bloom Law Office, attorneys specialize in workers’ comp claims so that you can get paid fairly and quickly. It’s unsurprising that the holiday season is also workers’ comp season, especially with so many people signing up for seasonal work. Add in ice, snow and busy roads, and it’s a recipe for an accident or injury.

Why Winter Months Have An Increase In Workers’ Comp Claims

In states like New Jersey where winters can be brutal, there’s also an increase in specific types of workers’ comp claims in the winter months. As soon as the first snowfall or freezing rain hits, it’s common for workers’ comp claims to start rolling in. One of the most common claims in winter months, as well as year-round, is the slip and fall.

There are many jobs where workers don’t have the luxury of choosing their work environment. If you are working outside, snow, ice, and sleet make it easy to slip and fall. Good employers will do their best to keep walkways and parking lots clear in the winter months, but there’s only so much that can be done.

Frostbite is a workers’ comp injury that is almost exclusively seen in the winter months. However, there’s also frostnip, which is a precursor to frostbite and seen much more regularly. Employers should prioritize helping outside workers stay warm, but again there’s a limit to what can be done. Appendage claims happen throughout the year, but particularly in winter months.

Hypothermia is another winter workers’ comp condition. Usually, the entire body is affected, and the side effects can be severe. Sometimes it’s caused by malfunctioning heating equipment or by working conditions that don’t allow for adequate time and space to warm up. Working in a remote location increases the odds of hypothermia.

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Finally, back injuries are also on the rise in the winter months. This injury can occur with an “almost” slip and fall. Twisting your back thanks to slippery environments happens more often in the winter. If you’ve been hurt at work, contact Bloom Law Office at 855-208-3650 for a complimentary workers’ compensation consultation.

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