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Can a Father Be Awarded Full Custody?

Can a Father Be Awarded Full Custody? | Bloom Law Office, West New York, NJ

Legally, courts aren’t allowed to show any bias against the fathers in a heterosexual relationship that produced children. Bloom Law Office specializes in ensuring the best outcome for the child in the case of a separation or divorce, as well as the child custody agreements. However, there is a long precedence in the U.S. of mothers being awarded the bulk of the custody. That has fortunately started to change. Having a family law attorney throughout the process helps to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Sometimes, a father might pursue full custody. He may or may not be open to offering visitation to the mother of the child. Also, the details of the visitation can vary greatly. For example, it may or may not include the visitations being monitored by a trusted family member or un-biased court-appointed person. However, it’s rare that the best interest of the child includes full custody of either parent with no visitation rights.

Pursuing Full Custody In Family Law Court

If either parent is pursuing full custody, it’s usually because they see the other parent as unfit. A parent (including a mother) may be considered unfit for numerous reasons, including abuse or drug addiction. The court will determine whether or not a parent is unfit. Still, a father pursuing full custody of a child must provide evidence that they are the best person to have full custody of the child along with reasons why the mother of the child should not have joint or shared custody.

Most divorces where both parents want to be part of the child’s life include either joint or shared custody (the terminology can vary state to state). However, there are some cases where a father wants custody of the child, and the mother does not want to be part of the child’s life—in these cases, full custody granted to the father is relatively simple.

Learn More About Gaining Custody of Your Child by Talking With Jeffrey M. Bloom, West New York Attorney

If you’re a father interested in full custody of your child, know that it may be possible. Contact Bloom Law Office today and schedule an appointment with a family law attorney.

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