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Does Your Parenting Time Need a Time Out?

Does Your Parenting Time Need a Time Out? | Jeffrey M. Bloom, Attorney

Some couples pride themselves on how “easy” their divorce was, but that can change months or even years post-divorce. Bloom Law Office works with couples and ex-couples at all stages of divorce, from pre-filing to years after the divorce was finalized. When children are part of the equation, divorce means you’ll be in one another’s lives forever. It only makes sense that issues like parenting time will change as your family dynamics do.

How To Change Parenting Time

Maybe when you started divorce proceedings, parenting time played out organically. You fell into a natural rhythm and didn’t think a formal agreement was needed. For the lucky few, this might remain the norm until the children are grown. However, life usually doesn’t work that way. It’s very common for parenting time agreements to change over months and years. If you don’t have a legal agreement in place, things can get messy when one parent wants to change the terms and the other doesn’t agree.

Establish Legal Parenting Agreements

Ideally, all couples should establish formal, legal parenting agreements during the divorce proceedings. Even if you think you “don’t need this agreement,” it’s designed to protect the child first (and parents second). Think of it as a safety net and another means of putting your child first. However, if that timeframe has passed and you’re already divorced, you can still get this safeguard in place.

Child visitation rights and details of parenting time can be as unique as your family. It’s the role of a divorce attorney to prioritize the needs of the child and help your family negotiate a parenting time agreement that works. These agreements are semi-fluid, and can be changed numerous times as your family’s needs evolve.

New Jersey Child Visitation Lawyer – Jeffrey M. Bloom

From changing the days each parent has the child (if applicable), to where the visitation takes place, for how long, and whether or not a third-party needs to be present, it’s time to make sure your child’s best interests are protected. Get in touch with Bloom Law Office today, your New Jersey child visitation lawyer who can help protect your family no matter where you are in the divorce process.

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