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Strange But True Child Custody Cases

Strange But True Child Custody Cases | Jeffrey M. Bloom, West New York

Child custody cases are as varied as the parties involved, and at Bloom Law Office a number of complicated cases have been skillfully handled. However, some of the custody cases are beyond strange, like in 1991 when a woman shot and killed her two children during a fight with her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Later, the man remarried and had two children with his second wife. Unfortunately, that marriage didn’t last either.

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That’s when things really got odd. The newly split couple arranged for a custody agreement where each would have one child the majority of the time. Soon after, the first wife was released and reconciled with the man. The second wife was understandably unhappy about leaving her children with a convicted child killer—but the judge didn’t agree with her. According to the court ruling, as long as the first wife stuck with her mental wellness plan and there were no guns in the house, the children could stay with their father.

Another strange case involves a three-way and a New York judge who had zero precedent to make a decision. A three-person relationship included a married couple and their neighbor. The neighbor became pregnant, and for awhile the three-parent household worked. However, the two women decided to be monogamous, and divorce was soon pending. According to the son, both women were his mom, which threw an additional curveball to the judge. In the end, the judge awarded all three parents custody and a parental plan was drafted.

It’s a well-known joke in lesbian communities that turkey basters can be used for insemination. Of course, this isn’t actually done, except perhaps in this case. A woman, Joyce Bruce, wanted both a child and what she considered a “normal” last name. She had a friend, Robert Broadwine, who said he’d help with the child aspect. However, when she conceived, the two couldn’t agree on the child’s name. She didn’t want to burden someone else with the last name Bruce, but Broadwine didn’t want that kind of relationship with the child. When she gave the child the last name Broadwine, Robert retaliated and filed a lawsuit for visitation.

Flustered, Joyce Bruce told the court that Broadwine wasn’t actually the father. The reason? She used a turkey baster for insemination. However, the court had never heard of an actual pregnancy happening from a commercial turkey baster. Ultimately, the adult Broadwine got his visitation rights.

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