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Things To Consider Before Deciding On Divorce

Consider Before Deciding On Divorce | Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Death and Divorce are at the very top of the list for the most stressful and emotional roller coaster a person can go through. Most times death is out of one’s control, however, with divorce there is a decision to be made and filing for a divorce is a monumental life decision.

For many, emotions take over and often stand in the way of rational thinking. The decision to divorce is many times based on negative emotions that can cause a person to jump into the divorce process instead of walking in slowly with eyes wide open. What adds to the stress is the number of obstacles you will have to dodge. So, to help you become aware of some of the hurdles, you may encounter, think about the following points:

Seeking Counseling

Divorce is very personal and very different for each and every individual experiencing it. Every situation is unique to each couple, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. It may be worth a try attempting to get help to save the marriage.

A qualified marriage counselor may offer you the insight into the workings of your marriage and help you identify what specifically went wrong from an experienced professional who is not emotionally attached to the situation.

After a recent poll, 97% of people that attempted marriage counseling reported that they got the help they needed, at least at that point, to save their marriage.

If you are wondering whether perhaps counseling would work for you, the answer may lie in whether or not your partner would consent to go. For many individuals, the most difficult part is accepting that there is a problem and reaching out for help.

Ramifications From Divorce

Without question, a divorce will affect your children and your immediate family. Managing this can be a big enough task in and of itself, and as a parent, it’s completely normal to feel uncertain about how to give your children the support they will need.

The most important thing is to talk, tell the truth, and avoid blaming your spouse. Without a doubt, you will find yourself in battles, but it’s important to keep yourself in control of your emotions.

In a perfect world, the plan would be to ensure that you both attend activities such as school events and extracurricular activities. The presence of both parents will greatly enhance the child’s experience with the divorce. A good option as far as living space for the children would be to have two homes within the same school, which will allow your child to see their friends no matter who they are with. It is also essential to invite their friends to both homes. Remember that children learn social skills, how to experience give and take relationships, and how to be fair through your example.

Agreeing on arrangements for your children early on is extremely important. More than likely you will need someone to assist you with legal advice. If you struggle coming to terms with what is best for the children, then arrangements will be decided by a court order. That is not a good solution to a disagreement.

Considering The Cost Of Divorce

One of the most common mistakes is to decide to file for a divorce without serious consideration as to how you will manage the costs of two households, children, and other financial resources such as legal assistance.

You need to consider whether or not you can fund the after-divorce costs. Typically, after a divorce, the standard of living goes down because the amount of support decreases. Looking at the big picture and realizing that things will not remain the same would be a point to look at long and hard.

As one can plainly see, there are many things to think about before you begin considering divorce. Plain and straightforward, it’s a tough road to hoe in any situation, but without proper preparation and a lot of consideration, it can get ugly, and it can get costly.

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