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Child Custody Considerations

Child Custody Considerations | West New York Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Every single year thousands of New Jersey child custody cases are heard and decided upon in the New Jersey Court system. It is inherently vital that you get an experienced law group to make sure you are being heard. The Law Offices Of Jeffrey M. Bloom is that team of lawyers.

It is well known that the primary factor is and has always been “in the best interest of the child.” However, the court considers many other factors when child custody is being decided upon.

What Matters in Child Custody in New Jersey

• The emotional and physical environment the child will have
• The personal safety of the child
• The mental and physical health of the parents
• The age of the children
• Moral attitudes
• Preference of the child
• The previous behavior of the parents, including any history of abuse
• The ability of each parent to care for the child
• The importance of religious upbringing within the family

West New York Child Custody Options

Generally speaking, there are three choices of a custody agreement that may take place. One of these will be handed down as the decision you must live with.

1. Sole Custody – when one parent holds all the cards. Both legal and physical custody is awarded to one parent.
2. Joint Custody – when one parent has the physical custody, but both parents share in decision making for the child.
3. Joint physical and joint custody – both parents share equally in all aspects of rearing the child.

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