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Legal Separation

Legal Separation in New Jersey | Bloom Law Office, West New York

“Divorcing or separating?” is a common question couples are asked when breaking up—but in New Jersey, there’s no such thing as legal separation. Bloom Law Office regularly works with couples who are on the path to divorce and looking for legal protection in the process. Not all states offer legal separation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t safeguard yourself and your assets during the dissolution of marriage.

Legal Separation and Divorce

How long a divorce takes varies based on numerous factors including how collaborative the spouses are, assets, and the length of the marriage. Some divorces take just a few weeks while others take years. When children are involved or high financial stakes are at play, divorces tend to take longer. This doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck unprotected for months or even years as your divorce moves forward.

There are a number of legal securities you can enjoy while (not) legally separated. One of the biggest is establishing a temporary custody agreement. If you’ll be living separately and have children, it’s essential to establish a fair routine that puts the child’s best interest first.

You may also want to have legal documents drafted that outline the rules around the property and financial accounts. Now is the time to hire a divorce attorney and begin making a note of all accounts and assets. From inheritances to shared bank accounts, vehicles, and homes, divorces can turn nasty when one or both parties “get revenge” by hiding or selling assets.

Legal agreements can be drafted for just about anything. For example, in cases where couples continue to live together for awhile (likely due to financial constraints or in the interest of children), a type of “roommate agreement” is a good idea. This outlines who’s responsible for what as well as house rules.

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Consider separations a springboard for working towards a divorce. It’s a delicate time when emotions are running high. Having a skilled divorce attorney as a third party can help alleviate stress and ensure a smoother divorce. Call Bloom Law Office at 855-208-3650 and find out how you can protect yourself during a separation.

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