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Police Report and Personal Injury Accidents

Police Report | Personal Injury Attorney Jeffrey M. Bloom

Police Report and Personal Injury Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a car accident or injured in a trucking accident, chances are the Police were involved to help respond and facilitate at the scene. That officer generated a police report as an objective account of the facts at the accident, and you are entitled to a copy.

How can a police report help?

When you are negotiating with an insurance carrier, other individual, or a company, your claim of what happened and the circumstances thereof may be disputed. Having that police report available is “proof” of the circumstances that led to the accident. A report may be of use to:

  • Demonstrate circumstances of the accident such as time of day, date, specific location, and conditions.
  • Preliminary assessment of fault, especially when talking about auto accidents. The report may contain observations of the other driver, perceived carelessness, and other code violations that attributed to the injuries.
  • In addition to facilitating a discussion of fault, police reports also carry witness information that can attest to what happened.

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